Tai Mantis instructors were selected by Sifu Eng to carry on his legacy. His teachings spanned over 50 years. The instructors are dedicated to carrying on his teachings and upholding his high standards of traditional martial arts and personal integrity.

Francis Jimenez
Chief Instructor

Francis Jimenez began his studies with Sifu Eng as a boy and then after several years away from the school, rejoined the Tai Mantis family and has been training consistently for over 15 years. Francis has been teaching, competed in tournaments, and taking part in many demonstrations representing Sifu Eng's school for many years. He assumed the role of Chief Instructor January 2018.

Bob Alderete
Senior Instructor

Bob Alderete began learning from Sifu Eng in 1974. He has remained as a senior instructor for decades. He specializes in Tai Chi and serves as the head Tai Chi Instructor as directed by Sifu Eng. His dedication to the Art and his Sifu have remained a focal point of his life. Bob is currently President of the U.S. Chuk Kai Tai Chi Praying Mantis Federation.

Past Instructors

These instructors have dedicated many years to spreading our martial arts. We greatly appreciate their past contributions to Sifu Eng's legacy.

Don Hopkins
Former Chief Instructor

Don Hopkins began learning from Sifu Eng in 1973 as a teen. He became an assistant  instructor after several years of training at the request of Sifu Eng. His dedication to the art and his Sifu have remained a focal point of his life. Sifu Eng appointed Don as Chief Instructor for Tai Mantis at his retirement in January 2015. He retired from instruction January 2018.