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About Tai Mantis Kung Fu Association

Tai Mantis teaches traditional Chinese martial arts in the manner it has been taught for hundreds of years. There are no belts or ranking system to recognize different levels of proficiency between students in our school.


Training in Tai Mantis includes the practice of traditional forms, weapons, two-man sets, sparring, iron palm, wooden dummy, and includes both internal and external training from several different styles taught by Sifu Eng.  

Sifu Paul Eng

Sifu Paul Eng opened the first Tai Mantis school in San Jose, CA in the early 1970's, then later opened a school in Palo Alto, CA. Soon, Sifu Eng was operating schools in Palo Alto and San Jose on N. 4th St. Sifu moved to the single current location in Campbell, CA in 1979. He has maintined the teachings originally set up as Tai Mantis with Sifu Kam Yuen and Sifu Raymond Wong. This includes Northern Shaolin style, My Jong, Law Horn, and Tai Chi Praying Mantis. In addition to the initial systems represented in Tai Mantis, Sifu Eng also taught Seven Star Praying Mantis, Hung Gar, Fu Jow Pai, Choy Gar, Tai Chi, Hsing-Yi, and Pa Kua in his schools.

Sifu Eng has written many books on Kung Fu, including a series of 5 Volumes on Praying Mantis. He has also produced a DVD, and a poster on Praying Mantis.

Sifu Eng dedicated his life to promoting the art and working to teach his students in a traditional format. The name Tai Mantis is synonymous with Paul Eng.


Tai Mantis Kung Fu Association was founded in the early 1970's by Sifu Paul Eng, Sifu Kam Yuen, and Sifu Raymond Wong. Tai Mantis initially taught Northern Shaolin style as a foundation, then Law Horn, My-Jong, and Praying Mantis styles which are all incorporated into the Shaolin system. Tai Mantis Kung Fu Association today is the remaining school located in the San Francisco bay area founded by Sifu Paul Eng. 


The School Today

Today, Sifu Eng's legacy is carried on by his students. Longtime student Francis Jimenez currently serves as Chief Instructor. The school primarily focuses on Tai Chi Praying Mantis, but students also learn sets from Seven Star Praying Mantis, Hung Gar, and the other styles Sifu Eng taught. As throughout history, the teachings of the teacher are passed down to the student, and eventually, the student becomes the teacher. So the cycle continues.

U.S. Chuk Kai Tai Chi Praying Mantis Federation

Tai Mantis Kung Fu Association is a member of the U.S. Chuk Kai Tai Chi Praying Mantis Federation. The Federation was established to carry on the Tai Chi Praying Mantis teachings of the famous late Grandmaster Chiu Chuk Kai. Sifu Eng was one of the founding members of the Federation, and served as its President for 10 years. Sifu has also hosted annual Federation-sponsored Tai Chi Praying Mantis seminars at his school for more than 25 years.


Tai Mantis Kung Fu Association continues to support the Federation and takes part in annual board meetings, banquets, tournaments, and seminars.


For more information on the U.S. Chuk Kai Tai Chi Praying Mantis Federation, go to



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